Hi, I'm Agyei. I'm happy you're here.

I solve business problems with graphics, type and code.

Agyei Archer

Hi, I’m Agyei.  I’m a designer from Trinidad & Tobago.

Normal work takes the form of brand identities, web sites, custom typography, lettering, editorial design, and creative concepts. I also write about design and design projects, prepare workshops, present conference talks, and produce very wholesome Twitter content.

I coordinate and direct small independent teams to create robust, challenging, forward-thinking design work. Current collaborators include: the Government of Trinidad & Tobago, United Way Trinidad & Tobago, Google, and the Rhode Island School of Design. There’s room on this list for you too 🙂

In addition to client work, I am a founding member and current co-director of Design Objective, Trinidad and Tobago’s graphic design membership organisation, and am working more and more on practice-based research around vernacular lettering, indigenous writing and found type in the Caribbean.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or want to talk; I’m open to all sorts of projects and collaborations.

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